Teach Your Kids Good Habits
& The Concept Of Time

It's a watch

3 different modes: icons/digital/analog

It's a scheduler

700+ icons to choose from + vibration

It's fun!

Earn rewards for doing great


For kids 3 and up!


My daughter's teacher LOVES her Octopus watch. It's doing just what we expected. Teaching time comprehension as well as helping transition from one task to the next!

– Natalie D.

We received our pink watch. It has already helped us re-inforce the idea of schedules and "things that need to get done everyday" with our 4 year old. She loves having a watch like the big kids and adults in her life!

– Deborah M.

Really happy. I'm staying with my parents today and my watch told me to feed the cat just now and I did it right away and they were really pleased.

– Sebastian M.

This watch is a dream come true. Thanks for making it happen! I will say one sarcastic thing though: Years of asking my son to do something falls on deaf ears, but the watch asks once and he's on it immediately. Seriously!!?? Ha ha. I could not ask for a better result overall.

– Jennifer L.

Easy To Setup

Free app available on the Apple and Google Play stores to setup  Octopus Watch and track progress.

Check it out!

700+ Icons

More than 700 icons to choose from. Colors & high contrast black & white.

Positive Reinforcement

Give up to 3 stars to encourage your child for regularly completing tasks.

(Coming Soon)

No radio-frequencies

Wireless connection turns on for only few seconds when the watch is charging to synchronize data.

In Case Of Emergency (I.C.E)

Save up to 5 lines of important information like phone numbers, allergies, or blood type.

Haptic Feedback

Push optional gentle vibrations when a reminder pops up. (Octopus Watch doesn't emit sounds)


The internal memory can store up to 1600 icons

Easy to charge

The magnetic pogo/USB charging cable snaps to the watch. Battery lasts from 2 to 5 days depending on the usage.

Hypoallergenic band

The band is easy to swap. Can be replaced by any 15mm band with regular spring bar system.

Color display

TFT-LCD, 262K color, 128 x 96 px, 1" display

Light as a feather

Only 21 grams (0.75 oz). Watch + bracelet. Dimensions (casing only): 1.26 x 1.38 x 0.47 in (3.2 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm)

For kids 3 and up!

Featured product

Octopus Bundle
Octopus Bundle Octopus Bundle

Octopus Watch also comes as a bundle with the Companion night light/Wake up time/charging station.

What's in the box?

1 x Red Octopus Watch
1 x Companion 
1 x USB cable
1 x US AC Adaptor
1 x USB/Pogo charging cable


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