Octopus Watch Motion Edition

Teach your kids good habits and the concept of time.
The Octopus Watch helps foster responsibility, independence & self-esteem. Now, also tracks physical activity.


2000+ icons to choose from + vibration


3 different modes: icons/digital/analog

Fitness Tracker

3-axis digital accelerometer & 3-axis digital gyroscope

Free app available on the Apple and Google Play stores to setup  Octopus Watch and track progress.

More than 2000+ icons to choose from. Colors & high contrast black & white.
(Additional icons and photo-to-icon tool available with an active Octopus Premium subscription)

With the new Octopus Watch Motion Edition, you can now track physical activity and more.

Haptic Feedback

Push optional gentle vibrations when a reminder pops up. (Octopus Watch doesn't emit sounds)

In Case Of Emergency (I.C.E)

Save up to 5 lines of important information like phone numbers, allergies, or blood type.

No radio-frequencies

Wireless connection turns on for only few seconds when the watch is charging to synchronize data.

Color display

TFT-LCD, 262K color, 128 x 96 px, 1" display (touch screen only available on the Motion Edition)

Light as a feather

Only 21 grams (0.75 oz). Watch + bracelet. Dimensions (casing only): 1.26 x 1.38 x 0.47 in (3.2 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm)

For kids 3 and up!


My daughter's teacher LOVES her Octopus watch. It's doing just what we expected. Teaching time comprehension as well as helping transition from one task to the next!

– Natalie D.

We received our Octopus Watch. It has already helped us re-inforce the idea of schedules and "things that need to get done everyday" with our 4 year old. She loves having a watch like the big kids and adults in her life!

– Deborah M.

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for children with special needs is heavily reliant on remaining consistent with demands and reinforcement throughout all aspects of your child's life. Octopus helps parents, teachers, and therapists stay on the same page.

– James S.

This watch is a dream come true. Thanks for making it happen! I will say one sarcastic thing though: Years of asking my son to do something falls on deaf ears, but the watch asks once and he's on it immediately. Seriously!!?? Ha ha. I could not ask for a better result overall.

– Jennifer L.

The science behind

"Success begins with good habits: start early. Reinvent how you spend time with your kids."

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