Location: Annecy (France) or San Francisco (USA)


_Once a new B2B customer has been signed or the decision to open a new market has been taken, that's when you come in!

_Under direction, be responsible for the planning, development, management and implementation of the department's program specific special projects; and may supervise support staff

_Cross department collaboration

_Manage the certification process

_Manage the localization/translation process

_Communicate with the B2B customer

_Put in place the logistics

_Define the roadmap and work with the engineers to meet deadlines


_You are a native English speaker or your English level is very good

_Be self-motivated and a quick learner

_Have an excellent attitude for interpersonal relationships and multicultural environments

_Advanced experience of project management software, especially Agile boards and creating/filtering tickets

_Strong ability to prioritize and manage multiple requests

_Demonstrated ability to learn new skills and quickly absorb and interpret new information, products, and features from the perspective of the customer

_Excellent communication skills and high emotional intelligence

_Meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality

_High personal productivity with demonstrated follow-up ability


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