Octopus Companion


Octopus Companion
The Octopus Companion is more than the Octopus Watch’s cute sidekick. It’s a charging station, a nightlight and a time- to- wake up light. With the free Octopus app, you can program the Octopus Companion’s light to turn on or off, at any time you choose. 

The Octopus Companion is a fun tool that empowers kids by helping them prepare for a good night’s sleep, and then helps them wake up in the morning. When paired with the Octopus Watch, kids will enjoy learning about the concept of time and staying consistent with daily routines.

- nightlight with warm tone specifically engineered to help children fall asleep
- morning wake-up light
- In the box: (1) 70-inch USB cable and AC adapter
- dimensions: 4.25 x 3.75 inches
- charges Octopus Watch in 3 hours
- Octopus Watch required (sold separately)


Octopus by JOY is the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching good habits and the concept of time.

• It links time to events thru icons, making it the first clock that young kids can actually read and understand.

• It's a scheduler for children that fosters responsibility, independence and self-esteem.

• It's an assistant that helps parents prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines.


We only ship to the USA at the moment.